How to play Caribbean poker

Placing your bets
Caribbean poker – which is sometimes known as Caribbean Stud Poker – begins, like any other poker game: with a bet. The game requires players to look at their chip values, and decide how much they wish to stake in the ante betting circle. The amount you can wager depends on the individual table limits, which vary from game to game. The player also has the option of wagering a side-bet, if they wish to compete to win the progressive jackpot. That side-bet is fixed at $1, or your local currency equivalent.

The deal
Following the betting round, the player and the dealer will each receive a total of 5 cards. Those cards are dealt face down, although one of the dealer’s card is dealt face up. The player must then make another decision.

Playing the game
After looking at his or her hand, the player can decide to fold or raise. If they choose to fold, they will lose their ante bet, and their side-bet. If they choose to raise, they must place another bet of exactly the same value as the original ante bet. The dealer will then reveal their cards.

In order for the game to progress, the dealer must qualify. To do so, they must have an ace and a king, or better in their hand. Should they not have a qualifying hand, the player wins even money on their ante bet, and their raised bet is pushed (returned to them).

Winning or losing
If the dealer does indeed qualify, then the game progresses. The dealer’s hand is then compared against that of the player. If the dealer has a better poker hand (according to standard poker hand rankings) then the player loses both their ante and raised bets. However, if the player has a better hand, the ante bet is paid out with even money, whilst the raise bet is paid out according to a pay-table. That pay-table is visible on the screen when you play Caribbean poker online.

The progressive jackpot side-bet
Also visible on the screen will be the progressive jackpot pay-table. As long as you don’t fold, you can win with your progressive jackpot side-bet. All it has to do is match one of the hands on the progressive jackpot pay-table. Generally speaking, you need to land a Royal Flush to win the progressive jackpot. However, smaller cash prizes, or percentages of the progressive jackpot can be paid out for other hands, depending on the pay-table, and the game you are playing. Your progressive jackpot side-bet is not affected if you lose to the dealer, as long as you don’t fold.

Where to play Caribbean poker

poker-casinoWhere can I play Caribbean poker?
Caribbean poker is one of the most widely distributed games you can play in the online gambling world. It can be found in multiple gambling sites, spanning a wide genre of domains. We’ll go through some of those gambling sites where you can play Caribbean poker in this article. Players should remember that although most gambling sites carry some kind of Caribbean poker, each of them probably carries a specific version of the game, be it Microgaming’s own title, or Playtech’s own version. The name of some of the games may also change from site to site.

Online casinos
Online casinos are your best bet for finding Caribbean poker games. Some casinos will only offer one variant of the game, although a large number of them will carry multiple variants. Sometimes the game may be called Cyberstud poker, and in other casinos it may be known as Caribbean Stud. Make no mistake, though, most casinos carry these games, which are all variants of Caribbean poker. It is a good idea to read online casino reviews

Poker rooms
Another great place to find online Caribbean poker games is poker rooms. These generally tend to excel in Texas Hold ‘em, or Casino Hold ‘em, but many more poker games can often be played. Given that they often carry non-poker games such as blackjack, your chances of locating a poker room carrying Caribbean poker are pretty high.

Sportsbooks, bingo sites, and beyond
Even if you are playing at an online sportsbook, an online bingo domain, or some other form of gambling site, you still stand a good chance of finding a Caribbean poker game to play. The game is one of the most versatile and poker of all online poker titles, so don’t be surprised to find these kinds of online gambling domains offering them, too.

Genres and categories
Once you have located a place where you think you will find a Caribbean poker game, you may still have a spot of bother finding it. We can help you with that. Most online gambling domains (especially casinos) will categorise their games. In most cases, Caribbean poker will be hosted under the “table games”, or “poker games” section of the site. If your chosen casino has such genres, that would be a great place to start your search.

Can I play Caribbean poker for free?
Not all online Caribbean poker games are going to cost you a packet to play. In fact, some are available to play for free. We’d even advocate playing Caribbean poker for free, before playing with real money. It is a great way to gain experience playing the game. These free Caribbean poker games can often be found as demos, and are totally free to play. You can seek them out at the websites of the games’ developers, or you can often find them at online casino game review websites. Again, these won’t cost you a penny to play. If you want to play a game now, you can play at Guts Casino who offer a free version of Caribbean Stud Poker Pro.

Caribbean Poker Software

c-pokerWho makes Caribbean poker software?
Caribbean poker software is widespread in the online casino world. There are many top online casino sites which offer the game. It is also one of the most popular table poker variants online, due to the fact that it frequently carries progressive jackpots. But with so many different sorts out there, which is the best Caribbean poker software on the net? Here are two of the finest.

Microgaming’s Caribbean Stud Poker is widely considered to be one – if not the best – Caribbean poker games on the net. In order to avoid any legal issues, the game has had its name changed to CyberStud Poker. The game features a house edge of 2.56%, which is fairly high. Microgaming’s version of this poker game features smaller cash prizes for the lower ranked hands, although their top prize for a Royal Flush is considerably higher than in other Caribbean poker games. In fact it is ten times more profitable, at 1,000x your total bet.

Popular online poker game
Playtech’s Caribbean Stud Poker is a licensed version of the game. This makes it as close to legit as possible. It is not uncommon in this poker game for the progressive jackpot to be worth over €1m. The game is offered in most casinos, although as we’ve just said, the standard pay-outs tend to be higher for lower ranking hands, and lower for higher ranking hands, unlike Microgaming’s take on the game.

Which is best?
That really is a matter of taste. Players who tend to do well with lower ranking hands, and want a bit of authenticity, generally play the Playtech game. Those after big money with massive progressives won’t mind an unofficial version. However, most of the time, you will simply play whichever version your casino has; since so few casinos offer both Microgaming, and Playtech games together.